Seesaw Project

The company

Our research moves between contemporary dance, physical theatre, music and philosophy.

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Exchange as a method

Our creative process


We start from the analysis of the past to immerse ourselves in the present and observe what is happening in our inner selves and in the others.


We aim to combine gestures, messages, movements and speech through contact with people and their experiences.


Our aim is to fully share an ongoing reflection on the relationship between feeling, emotion, language and the body.

An encounter between languages

Who we are and what we do

Our story

Seesaw Project was born from an encounter on the shores of Lake Garda in 2017. We have made union a paradigm: we seek and perpetuate the exchange between artists and the public through different languages. The company is an open system that brings together artists from different fields.

Why Seesaw

The seesaw is a simple toy that embodies our identity. Just like a seesaw, we swing constantly by questioning ourselves. At the same time, we are also firmly attached to strong values such as mutuality, depth, passion for research and self-mockery.

What we do

We create shows, organise workshops and courses. We host national and international artists and collaborate with them. We produce artistic performances that aim to raise questions about the present, to propose fruitful observations for society, and to spark off an exchange with the audience on urgent contemporary issues.

Our mission

We value the past to nurture new perspectives through different art forms. We believe in transversality and collaboration. We are driven by the urgency to tell and give voice. For this reason, our focus is on human frailty, on each person's unique way of living and being with others. And we let all this be expressed through our bodies.


Our Events


Our productions

SULLA SOGLIA - tra i confini del mondo e del corpo

The show takes place on two different levels: an anthropological level, created by physical language, and a narrative psychological one, carried forward by the word A score that begins by dealing with a common cultural nucleus that falls apart and multiple civilizations that try to return to the original nucleus without ever succeeding. Of people who try to create a border, and others who cannot help but cross it. What does a boundary mean in our current society? What happens when we talk about body language? And how does the body experience boundaries subjectively and socially? How do you stand on the threshold?

YEAR: 2022Year
Original Music: Mattia Nardon e Antonio Maria Fracchetti
Light Design and Direction Luci: Davide Giordani
Produced by: Seesaw Project


An immersive performance.
“Everything is energy and that’s all there is.”- Albert Einstein
Il movimento scaturisce dal suono, il suono dal movimento.
Ogni singola azione porta a conseguenze: scintille che possono dar vita a immensi focolai nell’ambiente, sia esso costituito di pietre immobili, da edifici apparentemente senza vita o da esseri umani in costante ricerca. Il pubblico, ciò accade nell’ambiente, ogni minimo dettaglio..tutto è parte della creazione istantanea della performance.

Year: 2021
Musiche live electronics: IMNOISES – Mattia Nardon
Produzione: Seesaw Project + IMNOISES


Gli Schumann tra assenze tumultuose ed essenziali presenze.
Ma ve li immaginate Clara e Robert Schumann in sala da pranzo?
Il rumore delle posate, il suono delle loro voci. Poi il silenzio, le loro ombre sul tavolo.
Ognuno immerso nei propri pensieri, nel proprio successo, nella propria lotta.
Si sfiorano la mano, due corpi già pieni di storia.

Year: 2021
Musiche: Clara Wieck Schumann; Robert Schumann; Johannes Brahms eseguite dal vivo da Louise e Julien Antonello
Produzione: Seesaw Project


“I should have known”. “I would never have expected this”. “It happened out of the blue, but I knew it”.

In the search for someone or something that has been lost, confusion reigns supreme and the only point of reference is the need to find them again. Wandering relentlessly. One’s home is in oblivion. The only guide is the tumult of tense and opposing states of mind, heedless of the frailty of the thread that binds them.

Year: 2021
Original Music: Antonio Fracchetti
Production: Seesaw Project / Veronica Boniotti


Andromeda strolls, until, halfway to the market, her numb bones and aching muscles make her throw herself on the stones of a spring, where she remembers how much it cost to pay “the price of her own mother’s speech” (Metamorphosis – Fable XII – Ovid) and the young face of Perseus re-emerges. Now the rock is a mere ruin, but it carries within it a noble encounter that takes place again after the market.

Year: 2020
Musiche Originali: Marco Faglia; Sebastiano de Salvo; Antonio Fracchetti; Marco Ober; Daniele Grott eseguite dal vivo da un’orchestra
Production: Seesaw Project / Compagnie Voix

Under Control

A trilogy on fragility, violence and possession linked by the common thread of the need to pay attention to those human conditions that make us feel powerless and abandoned, and the need to enhance the strength and richness that can arise from unfavourable situations.

Year: 2019
Music: Brian Eno; Nina Simone; Joseph Bertolozzi; Trentemoller; Nicholas Jaar
Production: Seesaw Project / Veronica Boniotti and Chiara Ferraglia

Avec Moi

A reflection on loneliness, and on the contradictory nature that moves man to seek his own spaces of individualism but, at the same time, someone to share them with. Avec Moi Avec Moi moves like a ping-pong ball between these two sides, opposing but necessary to each other. The hedgehogs of Tale No. 396 by Schopenhauer inspire such endless reflection.

Year: 2019
Music: Irby Tremor; Les Fils du Calvaire; Chuck Berry; Buffalo Springfield
Production: Seesaw Project | Giuseppe Claudio Insalaco and Veronica Boniotti

Dimmi (Tell Me)

A duet, or rather a trio in which the poet is a performer and the performers are poets.

Based on an original poem by Alberto Baggio – Trento Poetry Slam – “Dimmi”.

Year: 2019
Music: Dictaphone; Chequeboard
Production: Seesaw Project | Veronica Boniotti

Dammi un nome (Give me a name)

Uno spettacolo interattivo ispirato a Six Characters in Search of an Author (1921, Pirandello) where the audience becomes director and choreographer. By filling in illustrated cards, the audience interacts with the characters who have lost their author and name. The encounter between the spectator’s and the performer’s imaginaries is at the heart of the performance, where a shared process of instantaneous creation takes place.

Year: 2019
Illustrations: Francesca Frongia @iosonofrafro
Production: Seesaw Project | Veronica Boniotti

Ritratto carnale (Carnal portrait)

Merini’s poem“Colori” and Verna’s paintings guide a reflection on the sense of powerlessness that often accompanies us in life. A dialogue between voice, body, live music and movement to touch the many aspects that this feeling takes inside and outside of us. It can be brake as well as motor – it is up to us to suffer it or to transform it, to succumb to it or to ride it.

Year: 2019
Original Music performed live: Sebastiano de Salvo
Production: Seesaw Project | Veronica Boniotti

All my shit

A self-analysis shared with the audience.
is 28 years old. He is not yet an adult, he is no longer a kid. Faced with the grey area that precedes adulthood, he has to deal with his own resources and reconsider the stages that have led him to the man he will become.

Year: 2018
Music: Frédéric Chopin
Production: Seesaw Project / Giuseppe Claudio Insalaco

The drop

… it comes up, unlike the other drops that fall perpendicularly… This one doesn’t: it slowly rises up…”From I Sessanta Racconti by Dino Buzzati

What happens when the absurd breaks into our lives? What does it trigger? Where does it lead us?

A rising, brazen, transparent drop disrupts the lives of five characters. Vivid, playful, wild, pure bodies tell their story by shaping the space.

Year: 2018
Music: Moderat; Apparat; Slow Dancing Society; Violet Fall
Production: Seesaw Project / Veronica Boniotti

Autòs - Entòs (an excerpt from THE DROP)

What does it mean to be authentic today? The performance is inspired by Heidegger’s idea of authenticity as expressed in his masterpiece Being and Time. How does it feel to be authentic? How does this feeling take shape and change? What role do the context and the society in which we live play? What does it mean to be inauthentic?

Year: 2018
Music: Moderat; Apparat; Slow Dancing Society; Violet Fall
Production: Seesaw Project / Veronica Boniotti